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Car rental terms of the King found the rental contract to save multiple risks
88, 98 Yuan a day rental cars many consumers move, continuous exposure of the car rental company may be the recent provisions of the King, and worrying which is at present on the market of the car rental company's terms of service in a variety of fighter and even many consumer trap.
Background checks:
Car rental contract without spectrum
In fact, for most consumers, the rental contract is not as easy as imagined, reporter by Baidu and 114 contacted nearly 10 car rental companies in Shanghai, said in asking rental would like to see the rental contract, the other party on the Web sent reporters a copy of the electronic version of the simple contract, even a car hire company directly asked the reporter, to stores upon request.
In many types of electronic contracts, the reporter found that even several not any violation of the terms of the contract, some of which only time, items such as cars and pay, and does not have any constraints. After reporters asked each other was to explain, this is from the drivers perspective, "write much these effective anyway, then it is better for simple operation. "The car rental company's staff said.
Told reporters there are some car hire companies, car rental website which the user must click on the contract of lease and send orders to appear, whether the healthy development of car rental rent a car who is unable to see the rental contract. In this regard, East China University of politics and law professor, on the basis of a contract based on these agreements, car rental companies the above procedure is not informed in advance, is not valid. Also simple contract law say such contracts can be difficult to maintain the interests of rental cars, easily locked in a legal dispute after a problem occurs.
Consumer myth:
Buy insurance car sound
Most of the rental contract on vehicle insurance in terms of some problems. Consumers believe that just signed a contract and paid the corresponding insurance fee, accident is paid for by the insurance company, but this belongs to the consumer's obvious misunderstanding.
In fact, car rental companies are selective for Xianzhong, in addition to investment and insurance, the remaining category of commercial insurance is not mandatory. So, which voted, how much money, determined by the Corporation, do not discuss it with the drivers. This means that, in the event of an accident, is not among the insured, will drivers pay.
Even some car rental companies in terms of compensation relates to provisions of the King. For example: "after the vehicle lost, companies require the lessee in case public security organs before you have to pay rent. "Lawyer Zhong Jianfeng believes that under the contract Act, eliminating China's car rental industry challenge as long as any" good management "obligation, that vehicle should have taken care of, so the loss of risk should be borne by the owner that the car rental company, and now through a contract onto the" car group ".
Many car rental companies in the contract for automobile insurance also has a clear responsibility to avoid. Like most contract, insurance loss, outside of the scope, shall be borne by the consumers. Car rental companies also have the right to charge the lessee the vehicle depreciation compensation, liquidated damages, continue to charge the rent or charging outage costs, insurance raised its fees. Problem is that if drivers do not have responsibility for the accident, the format clause is invalid.
Secondly, even if the consumer is the responsible party, many contract the amount of compensation is too high. For example, after the accident, (rent) to pay a certain amount of loss, and sometimes have to pay extra fee for a certain percentage. Some other "car group" additional "penalties", the lack of legal basis. Moreover, many contracts require consumers to unconditional return the car on time. In fact, if consumers are unable to return the car on time due to force majeure, does not have to bear.
Absence of law causing confusion in the industry
Reportedly, currently national are general exists car rental industry disorder carried out of status, while is due to steam car rental industry into racing times car rental industry threshold low, free find a faƧade please several people, again pulled Shang several cars affiliated came in on can open a rental company, to has some wrongful businessman opportunity; on the is car rental industry rendering regulatory missing, both no a understand of market access specification, and no introduced related of legal regulations for effective constraints, Car rental in unsupervised for too long a State of disorder.

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