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Car rental car rental self drive holiday and noting details
King ladies while Mid-Autumn Festival small holiday rent has car car and friends with since driving tour, driving way not carefully occurred minor scraping rub, this thought in signed car rental agreement Shi has indicate has insurance compensation terms, didn't thought due to by rent vehicles no purchase regardless of from lost insurance, and vehicles loss and insufficient 1500 Yuan, King ladies had to itself bear repair car costs, let good of a mid-Autumn Festival small holiday had of somewhat depressed. Preparing for the coming national day holidays, learning more about the car rental is necessary, reporter rental holiday questions such as what are the General considerations of professionals.
Car rental travel considerations, probably summed up in the following points. First, be sure to select a license and license, good reputation, formal large car rental companies, private vehicle or choose black. Some informal car rental companies, the leasing contract itself on China's car rental industry challenges, after an accident, the insurance company will "car rental company is incomplete," and rejected claims.
Second, be sure to understand the terms and view policy. General rental car should at least vote in four basic types, including compulsory insurance and stolen emergency, collision and third party liability insurance. However, there are some leasing companies due to cost concerns, holding luck, often only partial insurance, had an accident to customers themselves. Therefore, the car might as well take a look at the policy.
Finally, the insurance rules to note. Car loss in 1500 Yuan following, and didn't buy regardless of from lost insurance of vehicles, customer to itself bear repair car costs; if maintenance fee over 1000 Yuan of, also must separately paid equivalent to maintenance fee 20% of accelerated depreciation fee; for vehicles occurred stolen Rob or scrap of, also to bear new car acquisition paragraph 20% of vehicles loss fee, and respectively since police car rental industry into racing times organ filed of day or vehicles management sector issued scrap proved of day up to stop calculation rent. These articles about car, be sure to first understand and then sign the lease contract.
Also, other also some situation need Note: including by car rental type of performance, and price and the car rental by needed documents; phone reservation Shi to left detailed of related information, for needs; reservation best ahead of 1 days-2 days, holiday reservation vehicles need ahead of 2 days-3 days; with car days set at least days, as not enough can ahead of phone continued rent; mention car Shi, needed with full all documents, most documents are to original; shift and also car Shi should carefully view, confirmed correct Hou again signed about documents.

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