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Car rental China auto rental: six steps to create the perfect rental experience
For a considerable amount of time, car rental is considered to be a complex and expensive, but with increasing competition in the industry and the success of large-scale operations, rent a car has become a simple and common way to travel, we are now only need to know the six steps, you can build their own perfect rental experience.
First step: understanding the car rent procedures are
Car rental car rental first before an understanding of the procedures. Generally speaking, car rental companies are divided into two categories: one is the traditional type of car rental companies, car rental, complicated procedures, tenants need to provide account security in the city, the property or the high deposits, there is also need to prove so cumbersome procedures discourage many rental owners, some outsiders want to rent a car can't do.
Development of taxi industry has a new type is represented by the China auto rental leasing enterprises, in such companies, rental cars are less trouble, is neither a guarantee nor deposit, just "two card a card" can easily car. Procedure easy and fast, allowing more customers to realize the dream of car rental. The so-called "two-card a card" means an identification card, driver's license and credit card, but all the company's lines of credit card authorization is required, usually around 3000 Yuan, this consultation well in advance. In addition, China auto rental, authorized in models up to 5000 Yuan, consumers can also use domestic debit card to pay equal amount of deposit instead of a credit card.
Step two: choose the car rental companies and for travel of vehicle
Car rental knowledge is selected. First, you should understand the rental company for the car models, car, to determine whether it for their own needs. Second, consulting the company's leasing, rental and the rental vehicle authorization and so on. If you would like to rent a car than new vehicles, can be compared to buying a new car frequently large leasing companies to rent, for example, China auto rental, from thousands of car rental industry has been China's challenge last year increased to about 15,000 cars, new cars accounted for a significant proportion, high probability of new cars to rent.
Drivers all know, heavier the car more gas, so that alloy wheels car fuel and suitable for high speeds and stability good, capable of absorbing vibration and noise in the campaign. Fuel-efficient cars are equipped with radial tires and high wear resistance. Automatic transmission cars easy, automatic transmission equipped with an automatic control device, driving gears can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, eliminating the need for shifting and riding clutch thing, but because the power transmission automatic transmission is achieved by hydraulic, gas, especially at low speeds or is the stop-and-go traffic, increases fuel consumption. Depending on your itinerary and personal preferences, budgets to determine the rental model.
The third step: signing
Selected good car, next is to signed a copies full of rental contract, just in case, signed Shi some note matters must to remember: first to understand vehicles of day limited km number and super limited Hou of billing standard, General General members of day car rental industry into racing times driving mileage should in 250 km within, certainly with members grade of different, day driving mileage number also will different, like China car rental of white gold members on on this items no limit. Car to prevent something timely, but also seriously understand renewal requirements and accounting standards of the lease timeout to avoid with leasing company after objections. Commitment to carefully understand the rental company in order to fully enjoy their entitled benefits. Also found unreasonable, and leasing companies negotiation and in a timely manner.
Fourth step: testing
Signing the last step is to fill out inspection form, this is a process of mutual finds the condition, is essential. First check visually. See body there is no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Fill up carefully to prevent unnecessary disputes. Then open the hood, view the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid, battery and drive systems and other major components. After there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning.
Last car rental car note, to remind everyone to be sure to test drive. First to be adjusted to suit your driving position, I will sit comfortable. Familiarity with the test drive and check the clutch, throttle, brake and the working conditions of the engine, but also as soon as possible in order to become familiar with each instrument and operation of functions and locations, in case of operation chaos caused by Lane and fumbled when groping.
The sixth step: return
Car locations are generally the car rental company's offices or service points, others the company opened a remote service, in front of the car can be queried first. Used cars should pay attention to time, drop-off time and place stipulated in the contract, taking care to maintain the technical condition of the vehicle well.

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