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Now is the best time of tour of Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Lake tracts of rape blossoms in full bloom, Blue Lake, golden flowers, lush green grasslands ... ... On July 31, while gloomy weather, but in the Qinghai Lake area, visitors remain high. Starting from Xining, along the way from time to time to see many car owners drive to visit Qinghai, a considerable part of which is car rental in Xining to Qinghai Lake.
Qinghai proverb: "hot hands don't move lenghuo. "How did your stuff doesn't matter, broke someone else's stuff is bad, many people would think. In the automotive aftermarket, car rental is an industry that people are in a dilemma. With the development of healthy development of car rental leasing industry, the industry's shortcomings and defects are gradually revealed. Leasing is a nuisance, because the rent is not your thing, someone else's stuff to use, not an accident, if an incident occurs, you will be in serious trouble.
Mr July travel to Qinghai, friends and rent a car in Xining to Qinghai Lake to play, but Xining rental cars spent his days. Even more depressing is that his rental car broke down on the way to Qinghai Lake, then went to the local auto repair shop for repair. Before servicing, Zhang designedly Advisory to leasing companies, leasing companies can also readily agreed to go to maintenance, and maintenance costs, leasing companies. China's car rental industry challenges auto repair with a total of 900 Yuan, and when the owners returned to leasing companies and car repair invoice to the leasing company for reimbursement when leasing companies claimed that costs of maintenance projects should be carried out in accordance with the location of the rental company charges fees. Therefore, in accordance with owners agreement that fees should amount to 500 Yuan, therefore, the leasing company is responsible for the cost of 500 Yuan. This example can see car rental for accidents or special situations provision was not clear, in the car rental industry is not very complete set of industry standards, this phenomenon is not uncommon.
Although car rental people brought a lot of convenience, but also has some problems. Car rental self drive visitors remember identified during the visit, did not provide the individual car rental lease contract, if accidents or driving violations during the rental, costs of who's in charge? Conditions of leasing companies do not have the authenticity of identification documents, if tenants to use forged documents to rent vehicles for illegal activities, it also brings serious consequences to leasing companies.
Provincial official told reporters at a car rental company, car rental, automobile leasing industry deregulation, the company registered a lower threshold, is one reason created hot car rental market. In addition, individual car rental company for bad faith also limits the development of the industry, some small businesses will exploit and cheat customers by various means during the leasing process. Tips to select car rental car rental industry had a negative effect.
With the "beauty of Qinghai," and known number of visitors annually, but with the overall development of the leasing industry, their management and business knowledge is not perfect. The most important thing is to have a standard industry norms, not for lack of specification for the renter to the car rental resentment and resistance. To make car rental people feel just like driving your own car is the car rental industry's success.

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