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Taxi management system to improve
Recently, the Ministry of transport prepared the road transport industry "Twelve-Five" development plan. Outline points out that strengthening the taxi market management, improving operation and management mechanism.
Outline points out that, according to city size, level of economic development and the actual situation, making taxis electric car rental plans to enter China's development planning, determines the proportion of share taxi in urban passenger transport system and capacity scale, actively explore development modes and management styles, optimizing the structure of urban passenger transport.
Guide taxi operators in accordance with the modern enterprise system company, in accordance with the "clear property rights, reciprocity, fair trade, risk-sharing" requirements, improve the taxi management system. Improve the healthy development of freight and car rental oil (gas) price linkage mechanism, maintain reasonable price relations of the taxi and urban public transport, guide the public's preference for public transport travel.
The platform stressed, accelerate the development of taxi industry regulations. Set up taxi service quality credit evaluation system to promote taxi enterprise credit management, and gradually form a market mechanism of survival of the fittest, guide car rental car rental industry in China challenges the driver's services, enhance the level of taxi service. Set up taxi driver qualification management system, clear taxi drivers access conditions, dynamic management and exit mechanism, improve overall quality of taxi drivers.
Information technology, grasp the taxi market dynamics, fine management, improving resource allocation and decision making ability, strong common sense understanding of taxi market supervision plus car rental. Explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of combating illegal trading to ensure the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, taxi operators and taxi drivers.

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