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Taxi companies and drivers service will be divided into four levels
Recently, formulated by the Ministry of transport of the taxi service quality assessment methods (for trial implementation) (the way) was promulgated. According to the assessment results, taxi companies and drivers of service quality will be excellent, competent, qualified and unqualified four grades, with AAA, AA grade, respectively, a-class and b-class.
According to reports, the taxi service quality credit leasing plans to enter the Chinese nuclear test electric vehicles will implement a baseline score of 1000 points scoring system and assessment indicators relate mainly to the management, operation, operations, business services, social responsibility, and set the points such as awards, social projects. Taxi enterprise within the review period, scores higher, higher service quality credit rating.
City County Road transport management institutions will put taxi enterprise service quality reputation assessment results as configuration taxi right index of important according to, on near three years service quality reputation assessment grade continuous was named AA taxi industry of development a, level of enterprise, in application added taxi right index Shi, can priority consider, or in taxi right service quality enrollment bid Shi be added points; on near three years continuous was named AA level and the above of enterprise, in application taxi right continued business Shi, In compliance with the statutory conditions, priority approval level for two consecutive years as a business, you should urge them to strengthen internal management; b enterprises, should require its rectification does not participate in the bidding right to operate a taxi service quality. In addition, for three years in a row was rated AAA-class car rental industry entered the age of racing enterprises preferred as the taxi industry excellent enterprise of the Department of transportation.
Taxi driver service quality reputation assessment a benchmark score of 20 points, a scoring system main contents include compliance, production, management, operations, services, and taxi driver's heroic, life-saving, not Pocket and other deeds, set the appropriate bonus points rewarded.
City County Road transport management institutions will in service supervision card Shang mark taxi driver service quality reputation assessment grade, easy passengers car rental since driving attention matters supervision, guide driver provides specification, and service; encourages City County Road transport management institutions, and taxi enterprise and related community organization, on service quality reputation assessment grade for AAA level and the has high award score of taxi driver for recognition award; enterprise to strengthening on b level driver of education and management.

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