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Rental matters 11 rental car into vehicle select reason
During holidays, car rental industry will become hot, 11 holiday car rental industry are especially hot this year. Especially with the growth of oil prices and parking fees, car costs continue to rise, contributing to development of the car rental industry. Especially on holidays, car rental travel can save cost and experience new and exciting. Car rental, but most of the users are still in the trial stage, inevitably because of the limited experience in the car rental process many "sequela". To this end, the author specially visited the leader of the national chain-enterprise healthy development of EHI car rental industry, look at rent a car there are problems, as well as groups like the hatred of the rental car advice!
Car rental self drive into fashion, models
Excellent value for money are all common expectations of consumers, but for car rentals on this particular emerging consumption modes should pay attention to what matters it? Hi official told us, major car rental companies are in large quantities purchased automobile manufacturers produced new cars on the market. Different price models have their advantages and disadvantages of natural, objective of low-end economy cars for comfort, safety and performance indicators are relatively high-end is still backward. Before users try to rent through the Internet channel has a more comprehensive understanding of the vehicle car rental price inquiry, according to the actual requirements to rent a car would be a lot better.
Auto net assessment to provide a good reference to channel
Online car evaluation is more talk about the advantages of a model features and innovations, and the various shortcomings of the car is rarely mentioned. EHI special tips about this vast numbers of users, do not blindly believe the forums for some models of "exaggerations" in some authoritative automotive information on some comparatively objective information can be obtained on the Web site, including a large number of users really feel to share. In addition, in front of the car can also go to the store to the relevant salesperson learn more about vehicle features and performance. Then according to the actual demand, for example, choose the appropriate model number, destination and other factors, make the journey more clear.

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