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Before the car it is best to test drive
Reporter jishun, Changchun, Jilin province, today the new concept, Changchun mingyu and other car rental companies understand that the time to rent a increased number of consumers than some time ago, car prices have changed a little. "These past few days rental car was suddenly more up, call and make an appointment every day consumers have twenty or thirty, but we still have a little busy too! "Today new concept auto leasing company in Changchun, a staff member said happily. Staff at several other leasing companies also said that recently came to rent a car has more people than in the previous paragraph, for now, than before the car rental price and no big changes.
It is understood that currently rent a car rent at 100 ~300 around the middle of the more popular, such as the Pentium (Gallery of the taxi industry development forum), Jetta (Gallery Forum), Bora (Gallery Forum), Camry (Gallery Forum), accord (Gallery Forum) and other high-end car business as well. So, what makes car rental market ahead of the climax of? JI Shun car rental Fan Youfu, General Manager of Jilin province said in an interview, ushered in the car rental market is currently small climax, vehicle rental rate of 40% more than some time ago. Mainly because of the bad weather some time ago, frequent snow, caused by icy roads and caused many owners want to rent out out out the idea. These days accompanied by the improved road conditions, coupled with the Spring Festival approaching and the students ' holiday, three-in-one car rental market heating up. In addition, some people need to visit in advance drove the car rental market. Expected about a week before the Chinese new year, car rental price will be slightly higher, but not by much.
At present, scheduled more consumers to use the car during the Spring Festival, most of them dominated by short, owner of the used car for two or three days more. Newspaper ask want to rent to challenge China's car rental industry home consumer, if you want to rent a car in good condition, should advance the reputation good car rental company for the order, so that when the time comes to rent a car or rent a car bad car. It is learnt that the car rental company expanded the range of rental cars, long field to consumers will be able to rent a car at the airport, is convenient and fast.
Don't ignore these matters when the rental car
Car rental home or traveling is a good choice, convenience, the price is not expensive, but the car must pay attention to the following matters, especially in winter, rent a car more carefully.
First of all, consumers must choose a regular car rental car rental company before entering into a lease contract carefully to see whether the terms are reasonable, and then signed again. At the time of signing the rental contract, be sure to write a clearly written rental price and the agreed mileage every day (Gallery Forum).
Secondly, in the car, make sure to give the car a thorough check, if they do not understand, you can bring a friend to help understand car, take a look at the rental vehicle entered the age of racing the car rental industry documents are complete, such as a driving license, insurance bills and so on. Then look at the vehicle the appearance of scratches, lights, locks are complete; Visual inspection was made, and then check the oil in the car, brake and air conditioning are easy; in addition, look at the car oil needs to be added, if the battery has power.
Finally, test drive the rented vehicle, familiar with the vehicle performance. For example, cars in the button's purpose. Test drive must not anxious, at first slow part of the way, understand vehicle performance and then accelerating gradually, in order to guarantee security. Rent a car if you have an accident on the way, be sure to promptly get in touch and car rental companies, and divide the problems of attribution.
At a time when cold weather, road surface in the presence of snow, so the drive to be more careful, wanted to drive home owners must have some knowledge driven bingxuelu to prepare for emergency response. No ice road experience rental cars is not recommended for drivers to go out, to avoid accidents.

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