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Chinese new year car rental car rental matters wise insurance
Spring Festival is approaching, rent a holiday rental home has become a new kind of accepted consumer consumption patterns. But if blind rental cars, often there will be some unnecessary spending disputes. Yesterday, the municipal associations publish consumer reminded consumers in the car rental car rental needs attention before insurance industry development and other matters.
Last year, the "11" period, consumers leased a Southeast Ling Yue Leung, lease only for the day, however, there are traffic accidents, result 4S shop staff general holidays during the Festival, after the required parts will not be complete until after, waiting for the repair time, consumers had to pay daily hire charge gives him a big financial burden. Chinese new year approaching, holiday rental will come across similar situations. City Consumer Association reminds consumers, the leasing company generally needs according to their risk, buy car leasing into the racing age appropriate insurance products. When an accident occurs, the insurance company will insurance under insurance contracts. Some leasing companies to increase profits, not buying insurance, paying after the accident by the consumer. So consumers in front of the car, should carefully inquire the rented vehicle insurance.
In addition, the rental agreement details can not be ignored. Consumers should see the terms of the agreement before signing, the agreement should indicate the condition, the commitments, how about car damage claims, and overtime billing and so on. Consumers think it is unfair, unreasonable to select car rental tips requires businesses to be modified, also provide an additional mutually agreed terms. When consumers sign a rental agreement should ask daily traffic mileage, daily in some car rental very inexpensive, however, the wise men, will find its daily highest mileage small even for the other half of the car, while the number of kilometers beyond the consumer the fee to be paid according to a fixed price per kilometre, seemingly cheap rent was difficult to enjoy the benefits.
Last, consumers in car rental Shi best select scale larger of rental company, and view its whether has car rental since driving attention matters fixed of business places and corresponding of car rental business qualification; consumers in mention car Shi to carefully check condition, as body has no designated marks, and headlights whether full, and lock whether normal,, for some models of special function and the usage, also should to rental company Advisory clear, in has may of situation Xia, best find a has experience of people together to, judge has no security hidden. Should also keep for a car rental company charges for issuing documents and a copy of the contract and to rights when disputes arise in the future.

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