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Chinese new year car rental car rental matters-proof "consumer"
Liu reflected the public, she and her husband to work in Qingdao, her husband's hometown in brightness. A busy couple of years this year to return home with her mother-in-law, a Spring Festival with, but I don't want to go to the crowded bus. Husband took a driver's license is more than a year, and want to rent a car from a car rental company, can not go to the crowded bus, second home and relatives easy access. But she did not know how the rental formalities, fear of "consumption", hoping to recruit.
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Since the beginning of winter, cold weather had car rental market "frozen" for some time, but seeing the Festival day is coming in a day, island car rental market development of taxi industry has entered a cyclical thermal quarter. Recently, this reporter obtained from the island city car rental market information indicates that Chinese new year car rental car rental market in Qingdao to fire up again. On January 12, a reporter in Yanji road a large car rental companies see, within half an hour, 5 people came in to consult car rental business. Car rental's Mr and Mrs WONG took a fancy to a commercial vehicle, Huang told reporters that the family has a car, but a large family Festival is too much, you need a 7 to 9 "cart". Car salesman Xiao Wu told reporters, I thought high oil prices, plus there may be snow and icy conditions during the Spring Festival, Chinese new year this year's rental business is not too good, did not expect car rental car rental industry healthy development of people in an endless stream.
When reporters asked the general public rental cars should pay attention to what matters, what procedures, she said, first of all is to choose a good reputation of leasing company, this is the first choice to protect their rights. Car rental formalities followed by, if there is a car rental is a local, as long as the provision of identity cards, driver's license, the family of the original accounts, signed the lease contract, make a deposit, the procedure is relatively simple. If drivers in the field account, apart from outside the original ID card, driver's license, not only to provide no less than the rental value of economic security, there has to be a local resident as collateral, guarantor's ID card, driver's license and the family of the original accounts have to be car rental self drive attention to matters raised. Qingdao de Heng law offices lawyer remind drivers, car rental must be a complete rental contract with the leasing company, agency must understand the limits of vehicle-kilometres and overrun after charging standard. Meanwhile, car to prevent something timely, but also seriously understand renewal requirements and accounting standards of the lease timeout to avoid with leasing company after objections. He also warned that because most of the car rental company's old car, and driven by different people for a long time, it's easy to fail and therefore must never forget that careful inspection after signing, the two sides jointly identified the condition, from car divisions. He also warned that if his lack of experience, the best professional help and acceptance. City car rental, a common sense understanding of large car repair workshop of senior automotive maintenance master Luo told reporters that the vehicle must be carefully checked when braking, steering and lights and other parts, first from the body there is no scratches on the skin, lights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, view the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid, battery and drive systems and other major components. And then check the gas gauge, brakes, air conditioner operating conditions. These test results be sure to carefully fill in the contract acceptance form, in case the car has doubts.

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