Started out renting comity on the Zebra activity
On December 20, ten out of Quzhou spontaneous on his major car rental, rental owners, put "I have you" sign, and from that day began to voluntarily slow down or stop before crossing to facilitate pedestrian safety by the zebra crossing.
It is understood that has always been part of the taxi drivers to compete for business, often in the urban fast traffic, illegal docking, free to turn around and speeding, running red lights, not on guide signs to the traffic, especially in the Zebra to run a red light and speeding up, threatens to the pedestrian crossing.
To that end, the event sponsor of the major car rental companies in the market of master Liu and others said, through their active courteous behavior in front of Zebra Drive urban 491 out rental cars are the Zebra "I row, you first". Do not only provide a good environment for the public, and back to the pedestrian crossing, the public crowd safely through.

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