Car rental markets each float
In 2010, China's car rental industry market share of top 10 Enterprise 11%, five 8%, largest car rental company market share is less than 3%.
It can be said that champions don't "dragon head" appearance, melee will be heating up in the market
Today, you rent it? A sudden, enormous marketing Metro bus rental in some of the core cities. A business that did not calm the fire suddenly burst to life.
Figures show that since 2005, the car rental market in China has gone through a period of high growth, five-year compound annual growth rate of up to 30%.
Around 2011, new round wave swept the domestic car industry. Reminiscent of the pre-2006-video industry, capital rushing, five-year "frustrating", youku, Tudou, music video onto the market, venture capitalist turn, the next step or pull away from the field.
Car rental industry can copy video site miracle? As the automobile consumption in the world's first power, "Blue Ocean" strategy for testing the domestic car rental companies.
A muddled future opens in attachment.
Led by four: do not lift "leading"
China's car industry, originally from the late 80 foreign people coming to China Beijing Asian Games prior to rental needs. First car rental company in mainland China from 1989 to foster car rental company was founded. Zhihou, local enterprises have not "wake up", the first advantage is the United States car rental leader Hertz car rental, Avis car rental industry boss in Europe and other enterprises.
Today, 22 years later, China's car rental companies has reached the scale of the tens of thousands, current development speed is not fast.
In fact, China's car rental industry development twists, now only has a clear industry leader.
According to Roland Berger surveys, in 2010, China's car rental industry market share of top 10 Enterprise 11%, five 8%, largest car rental company market share is less than 3%.
It can be said that champions don't "dragon head" appearance, melee will be heating up in the market.
Roland Berger consulting company expects car rental market in China in the first round of the next 3-5 years experience integrating, by 2014, the overall market share of the top five companies will be 10% to 15%. This estimate is not an empty since 2007 in the rental car industry under the background of rapid development and an influx of international capital, and a funding wave has swept the market.
Capital: "sniff"
A capital intensive industry, car rental industry out of financing.
According to news sources, large dealer groups raising business stakes will be in the area of car rental, to after new car sales, creating broader sources of profit.
10 the strong injection of capital is undoubtedly in this competition in the markets add salary does not enable the fire embers. In fact, since 2007, each car rental company started with capital backed up by the age, rapidly staking in the country in 2007, Maida SIG Asia and Hong Kong funds car rental companies to invest 50 million dollars, China's car rental industry was the first large VCs, waves in the air the car rental market, China's car rental industry developed to spark the Prairie ablaze.
Industry pioneer behind the leader in the country, more and more companies have "sniff" carve up this piece are big market "cake".
Differences in competition: market segment to avoid the cutting edge
For large enterprises, access to capital appreciation is not going to be easy. But just entering the market of small and medium enterprises, financing and cannot be achieved overnight, and market access for SMEs in recent years and a minority. Tens of thousands of car rental companies in China, SMEs accounted for half.
Analysts believe that once the industry entered a period of intense competition, must be model, otherwise sustain. Some small enterprises in the business model has advantages, as long as moving in the positive direction, would be able to attract capital into this, great space.
It is well known that a capital intensive industry, if an enterprise cannot be expansion through the purchase of a new car, the industry reshuffle is inevitable, some smaller car rental companies will probably be several major car rental companies with strong capital consolidation.
Securities and markets, Peking University, Director of the Institute's summer soul believes that smaller regional companies must do fine on the regional market segment, providing personalized service, no way.
Day one:
In 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao in his Government work report spoke of "expanding consumption, especially household consumption," said: "the perfect automobile consumption policies, accelerate the development of the used-car market and car rental, guide and to promote automobile consumption." On March 20 of that year, the State Council issued the auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan, which clearly states that: the development of modern auto service, accelerate the development of services such as car rental, used car transactions, improve related legislation, regulations and management systems. Support the backbone auto manufacturers, speed up the establishment of auto finance companies, auto finance business.
This year, China surpassed the United States as the second largest consumer, but car rental market is less than United States market 1/20.
Two years later, the relevant legislation relating to car rental industry has yet to come. In 2011, as the last year of implementation of the plan, are expected to receive policy support, the law is also expected to improve. Meanwhile, in 2010 after Beijing rule blocking policies, car rental market has become so popular. Government decisions directly to the car rental market to the development of supply and demand in both lanes.
The other hand, people's living standards constantly improving, the credit system is also gradually improve, facing the proliferation of cheap, plentiful models, the car rental industry, "rent rather than buy" concept is no longer imprison people's consumption, while China resources and energy status determines the "millions of private cars of" unbearable, car buyers couldn't round people increasing "automotive dream." Based on this, some predict the next 5 years, growth of the leasing market will sustain about 25%, by 2020, the rental market in China will reach 6 million to 10 million fleet.
Industry analysts noted that although the current strong momentum in the development of the car industry, but policy support is yet to see, downstream industries are shapeless, leasing industry also needs financial support. All these factors indicate that, in the next few years, China's car rental industry may usher in the industry Development Board.

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