High transactions caused by non-standard car rental scams
Car rental industry as a new industry emerging in recent years. But because the cars high value, the characteristics of easy cash and lease management of vulnerability, some lawless elements in the car lease car leasing company or individual signed contracts, illegal rental cars sold or pledged to others to borrow, interfere with normal operation of the car rental market.
The legal daily reporter today learned from the Fujian Provincial people's Procuratorate, from January to May this year, procuratorial organs in Fujian province has prosecuted cases involving car rental contract fraud crimes 98 127 people, involving more than 30 million Yuan. The vast majority of cases by forging false identity for the party leased vehicles and other means of implementation, and presents the region committing serious, criminal organizations and so on.
According to reports, criminal suspects, often through to manufacturing and selling fake certificates provide owners copy of ID card, chassis number and other information, forged motor vehicle driving license and vehicle registration certificate, will lease the fictional vehicle the owner, and then in his capacity as owner of rent-a-car sold or pledged to others to borrow. If the defendant Zheng, Zhang by forging resident identity cards, motor vehicle registration, 7 has implemented contract crimes, involving more than 1.3 million Yuan.
Seen from the vehicles after the realisation proceeds go, some to pay down debt, splurge, for crimes such as gambling, drug abuse, and for granting loan-sharking profits. If the defendant Mr a, Hwang has rental car 58 mortgage, issued for loan-sharking.
Seen from the crime, the suspects tend to raise gambling money or repay the loan sharks, and commit fraud. Zhaoan County people's Procuratorate prosecuted rental car contract fraud 6 9, 8 of them long-term involvement in gambling, swindling to raise gambling money.
In addition, the suspects used local people tend to rent vulnerabilities, after the local rental car, bound for other provinces and cities, sell or pledge. Be sold or pledged cars, some are once again pledge, some by more than replacement, resulting in investigation and evidence collection and recovery of stolen cars is very difficult.
Prosecutors say, known in some cases to gang crime, clear and complementary Division of labor among the members, some with the car rental companies have signed the rental contract, contact for making false documents, contact pledged those responsible for borrowing or acting as guarantors, some contact for sold vehicles.
Case Prosecutor by analysis think, rental car implementation contract fraud crime is more sent, main and 4 aspects factors about: car rental company or personal cannot actual test, and check car rental personnel of identity proved, and cannot charged high of vehicles margin, lack effective property guarantees measures; vehicles pledge borrowing procedures simple, many motor vehicle all for mortgage borrowing Shi only delivered vehicles and motor vehicle driving card, and registration card, and not audit documents authenticity, some underground banks specifically provides car pledge borrowing ; Leasing industry competition, some tourists to relax terms, simplified lease procedures, criminals exploit; auto market is not standard, result in fraud proceeds stolen cars easy to dispose of.
To this end, prosecutors recommended relevant authorities and industry specific to the car rental industry, and regulate the order of supervision, promote the healthy and orderly development of the car rental market.

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