Street novice car rental experience
August 9 to get a driver's license, always wanted to rent a car opened, the fingers itch, presumably every beginner will be the experience, after been searching on the Internet comparing car rental China, Hi, extreme, Swiss card, such as car rental companies, required due to extreme car driving in more than half a year, so I directly out, the rest is all three. By comparison, the final choice of Ricardo car rental, because Ricardo unlimited mileage, beginners do not practice driving, rent a car odometer to see, really uncomfortable. Although it was himself, but could not delay action, always afraid of, what in case of traffic accident, that I have not lost too much, with thousands of miserable anymore, for security reasons, and I fight a month.
September 16 finally couldn't help has, on Dang took money intersection tuition's, himself in Swiss card online appointment has first day car rental experience price 77 Yuan, models is Elantra, was wants to rent Buick, later also is rent has Elantra, afternoon work on to Swiss card car rental to take car, procedures handle of soon, next is inspection car, staff service is good, about I with 1.1 points of car, as long as has spent of place are detailed records, and I with confirmed, a began car rental of when really fear clearly not himself lane spent, last and said himself lane of, So I look at it twice, finally, tire checks, trunk spare tire, fire extinguishers, and simple repair tools. And search vehicles, the staff is very patient, because there is no no drive automatic transmission cars, under the staff patiently explained to pick up the lights, wipers, Horn, turn signal lamps commonly used also introduced, and cheer buttons, trunk button introduced, overall service was very good, praise here. Inspection finished car himself on open has, hanging d block, car on directly go has, a began fear fear of, later open has half hours on fear has, night on called has friends with to eat porridge, friends joked of said line no, forget, we playing of's; I said you on up's, is pulled you with pad back, hehe......, day night has been get night 2 o'clock, back of when put car parking, results on fool has, just in two a car middle, I on ahead open has points, asked master said, master enough location did? Master said so big location enough you stopped did, standard of parking location; I laugh with said, master I of mean is said I is novice, not reversing, you see I now location enough directly pour in did, master said again novice to I here one-time pour into, ahead points, again Qian points, good, playing full, pour, en was one-time pour in has. Next day went to the parking lot early in the morning for my car, gives 10 parking fees, then to the Nansha Tin Hau Temple, toll station, high speed 120KM runs, MMM, cars, returned was 3:30 P.M., and did not know where to go, just fill and return the car early. Ricardo personnel, vehicle, check out soon and then check out.
Car rental runs 230 km for the first time, refueling a total 165 Yuan, averaging nearly 8 cents a mile, me in their car rental fuel costs comes to about 250, still better, General Ricardo car rental sounds good, is less cars, less car, I hope better.
After first times car rental, himself heart practical more, shortly thereafter on wants to rent manual wave of practice on-the-job training, on put currently lock in has China car rental, China car rental advertising playing of good, first rent 49 Yuan, actually only Monday to Thursday, also to is Shang 20 Yuan of basic insurance, 20 Yuan of procedures fee is 89 Yuan day, September 29 I in online appointment two days, Thursday and Friday of 19:00 take car, total car rental costs is 207 Yuan, I 5 o'clock in the afternoon on to take car has, staff handle handle procedures, Results I see has take car time was staff modified into has 18:00, I also no said what on out, feel is weird of, took single out inspection car, Dongfeng Citroen new love Li homes, 1.6 manual wave, I a see license plate on Halo has, Guangdong b, not Shenzhen brand, in night also understand has, China many field license plate, in Guangzhou go also to received bridge fee, I was wants to change of, later wants to wants to forget, staff also is inspection car, himself took pen in of, also no called Shang customer with (due to Swiss card service too good has, Comparing), and finished just give me the car keys, no tell me cheer and how to add the trunk, does not cover the basic use of the vehicle, maybe I was a rookie, maybe is Ricardo did it, so I feel that divine service Ricardo did well. Open field car go Los Brook bridge to received 10 block Ocean, two days to has Shenzhen, first times due to not awareness road, directly Shang has wide deep high-speed, received has 50 Yuan of bridge fee, just Shang high-speed on was 10 several police Chase, due to I drive open has music, also not know himself of license plate number is how many, only heard behind police has been in shouted, I on depressed has, I has where errors has did, on a stepped on throttle run of faster has, results police tightly of Chase with I, I panic has, quickly put music shut has, dang I shake Xia glass of when, Police has Chase Shang I, took with horn on I ROAR said, called you for Lane no heard did, quickly for addition of lane, I open in most left of express road, so quickly variable to has next door Lane, results see 10 several armed escort car after, which a car escort car Shang, has a armed police took with gun see with I, Grandma of, scare I a jumped, who called I rent of car, not know himself of license plate, does; from Shenzhen back I on no wants to go high-speed, modified go State Road, anyway practice car did, due to road not is familiar, Results in the time around a lot of laps before returning to Guangzhou, Dongguan, and really do not give a penny, although spent almost 3 hours away, was a fee of 50 Yuan.
Car ran for the second time, 425 kilometers gas 280 Yuan, averaging 6.5 cents a mile, including car hire and tolls for a total cost of 500 Yuan, the most furious of luoxi bridge charges 10 bucks, China auto rental has a big problem is that more cars in different places, to bring customers to unnecessary extra spending more models, select more, hope that the quality of service will improve.
Car rental experience summary:
1, automatic than a manual waves is gas, per km over 1;
2, Ricardo car rental service attitude is good, all inclusive rent 77, intrapreneur, weekend General, recommends renting for the first time elected Ricardo;
3, China, select multiple, especially Monday through Thursday, rental car, really is quite affordable, but unfortunately I have to work from Monday to Friday; Monday-Thursday time recommended to the China auto rental;
More 4, China auto rental cars in different places, rent a friend be prepared, may have to pay tolls at local;
5, Saturday and Sunday car rental, China and Swiss card;
6, Ricardo unlimited mileage, China restricted mileage, rents for two days or more, regardless of the mileage issue, generally do not exceed.
These are my two car rental experience, represents only personal views, reference only for car hire friends, hope that helps.

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