AVIS car rental award
Recently, from the leasing Office of Beijing Transportation Management Bureau was informed that, in 2007, well-known brand-car rental service Avis car rental Beijing Branch was awarded the "rental" service benchmarking Enterprise title. By then, the Anji car rental leasing company, through many years of practice efforts, now available in 13 cities across the country set up a direct-sale outlets. With the establishment and development of retail outlets, AVIS car rentals to offer off-site rental car business linkage as well as the airport shuttle service. For the tenant to reduce "borrowing the car easy to change difficulty" concerns, want to develop their own "journey planner". Addition, except for short rent customer can provides shuttle and offsite rental outside, for long rent customer, especially has national procurement needs of customer, AVIS car rental China Corporation is located in Shanghai, in country has number many and distribution very wide of rental user, so, to convenient Corporation of systematic of management, to provides to tenants more professional, and shortcut, and convenient of rental service, AVIS car rental decided opened national 4008821119 service hotline. Benchmarking enterprise WINS industry title, Beijing Branch Anji car rental industry's influence in Beijing further improved, in Olympic years, AVIS car rentals is stretching out and tried to use professional, human and technological services open up a new era of car rental.

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