Car rental market heating up before the new year's day not to raise prices
On December 27, the reporter learned from the zone number of car rental companies, far more customers than usual during the new year's day. Qingdao shiyuanda car rental company staff told reporters that "from the 30th, vehicles are more nervous. January 1, 2012, car rent. "The reporter asked a number of car dealers, dealership staff said, it is best to rent for a day or two in advance, so as to ensure that new year's day. At present, each leasing company's mid-range cars are relatively tight, may not be able to get during the new year's day.
New year's day car rental prices are not adjusted
High in the zone, told reporters: "new year's day a friend came to see me, considering that the car is going to rent a car, play with friends. Don't know how will price new year's customers. "According to the car rental company staff said despite the increase in number during the new year's day car rental, price does not adjust.
Journalists visited shiyuanda, Heng Wei yan, Ji Ruida, otter, several development zones, such as car rental companies, that the lower-priced car rental in around 100 Yuan, qq90 Chery, Chevrolet Lova 130 Yuan. Car rental with moderate prices are around 200 Yuan, the Elantra 180 yuan, Beijing Hyundai Lantra 200 Yuan. The higher price of cars like the Passat, Buick Regal, daily rent at 260 Yuan to 350 Yuan. "More people now call premium cars, advance reservations if you want to use, and new year's day is not a car. "Car rental company staff. Commercial vehicles as represented by the Buick GL8, daily rent up to 450 Yuan. According to the car rental company requires individual rental car limit per day is 200 km away, according to the different models, each charge 0.5 Yuan to 2 Yuan over 1 km. There are some rules, exceeds 1 hour rental time is required 30 yuan.
Rent a car, non-locals want
It is understood that individuals hired vehicles, tenants of this account, to carry my booklet, original copies of ID cards, driver's license, as well as the corresponding deposit. Non-tenants of this account, to take my ID card, driver's license of the original, still need a guarantor, the guarantor should be local residents in Qingdao City, requires official work and my ID card, residence booklet originals, rent a guarantor shall be at the same time.
According to the rental company provides that such documents have to be original, customers rent a car must pay a deposit, usually about 2000 Yuan and car rental fees. Rent for more than a month of pay a monthly rental fee, paid by cheque after 3 days. If the lessee to pay rent a car price 50% deposits from the guarantor of procedures. Before the car rental contract, during the agreement period to ensure customers have access to cars, use car occurs during injury by the charterer shall be responsible for.
Many car rental self drive tour experience of Mr Wang, car be sure to carefully check the vehicle condition, "first of all, look at the body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal.
Must sign a contract with clearly defined responsibilities
Recently, on rent a car accident responsibility throughout the instances of confusion and disputes are not uncommon. The afternoon of December 27, Shandong Colin hanton Wang Jingjing law reporter, she reminded members of the public before the rental vehicle must be with rental agencies signed the rental contract, rental vehicle basic information and the rights and obligations of the parties were expressly agreed upon.
"The main contents of the leasing contract lease period, rent, rental vehicle such as a car model, vehicle description, vehicle transfer, costs associated with commitments and so on. "Wang Jingjing, the" looking for more formal car hire agencies, business licenses and related qualifications must be complete. In the contract mainly depends on the vehicle during the rental period the damage liability, such as bear, as well as breach of contract terms. Handover of rental vehicles and the public to pay attention to, such as at the time of rental agencies rental vehicles to the public, both sides implement the condition should be checked in detail and writing. ”

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