Ice season "car rental" powerful
In August, our province into the tourist season, outing of the residents and the number of tourists is increasing. For easier and faster, more and more there is no selected car rental self drive private cars to the public. Recently, this reporter visited a number of car rental companies in Harbin city, find car rental market has quietly heating up.
16th, the reporter went to the China auto rental company located on Zhongshan Road, the company head told reporters, although the company has a number of chain stores in Harbin, but the vehicle is running out. Staff said that if car rental is required to rank on the site waiting for a bus. Subsequently, the reporters visit the China auto rental company website, found that more than 20 kinds of models are now only three or four cars and weekend prices are higher than last 20% from Monday to Friday. Company officials told reporters that it is tourist season, car rental market is tight from one month ago.
Shuangxin car rental companies, the reporter met to rent a song. Certified car-free family road trip song to take advantage of weekend. Wanted to rent an Elantra with slightly lower prices, but was told that the model has already been booked up, and finally, the song had to rent a Mazda car prices slightly higher core wings. Mr song said, "fancy rental cars so hot now, know early on made a reservation a few days ago. "
Years he engaged in car rental manager told reporters that the restricted line, rising gasoline prices and other factors, usually in Harbin's car rental market is deserted, but the annual tourism season and the period of holidays is the most popular car rental market. He managers to remind consumers, if there is a car rental needs best to book in advance, so as not to rent to the cars of their choice. Now economy cars are most popular, premium and business models are hot. "Although the rental market the market for now, but the price is not much volatility, or with the usual flat. "He's Manager said.
Car rental issues, Manager of a rental company said Fan Huaxiang, a car are very simple, people just carry my booklet, copies of ID card, driver's license and, and deliver a deposit, some companies will require drivers to provide a certain limit of credit cards as a guarantee. In addition, some rental companies on the driver's age and experience have certain requirements.
Car rental has brought great convenience to people's lives, but because of disputes arising from the rental car attendant. Transport Department reminds consumers, car hire with caution. First of all to understand whether leasing companies have management qualifications, as far as possible to a reputable car rental car rental company. Secondly to inquire charges, lease provisions and liability, and signed contract with the leasing company, understand car rental contracts require that vehicles shall bear on both sides of the fee and pay attention to the matter. In addition, in the transfer of vehicles to conduct comprehensive checks on condition, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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