Car manufacturers involved in the car rental industry trends
Since 2006, Zhengzhou Nissan launched a car rental business in 2007 and after entering the car rental business for Faw-Volkswagen. A car manufacturers involved in the leasing industry, Guangzhou Automobile Group in the first car rental company in Wuhan railway station opened. Car rental industry is too tempting or the car market this year?
Today's car rental market is growing fast. Along with the bus signal strong trend of the reform of,   , according to some industry surveys. Domestic and international major corporations, venture investment, domestic automakers to join China's Harbin rental cars fast "
Dropped to the lowest level since 1999,,    State Information Center reported domestic growth this year a total of about 3%. Comfort car consumption policy and next year will be impossible. Due to policies enacted by the comfort the past two years the big exit, and superimposed the macro-control; and secondly because in 2009 and 2010 National comfort car consumption and investment of 4 trillion yuan, withdrawal of the funds together with the comfort of consumer policy this year, resulting in negative growth.
2015 is expected to,   while domestic car rental industry is growing at an average of 20% to 30%. National car rental demand will reach 300,000 to 400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan. This is a great cake for today's case of a market downturn, automakers using its own resources into the car rental market. Automobile consumer market of Harbin rental cars of the future will be a major trend, particularly with rent for sale will also direct some pull in on auto sales.

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