Development trend of China car rental
13 cities in China, as of the end of 2006. 787 total car rental company, car rental 44,864 units, leasing sites 446, 14682 employees, turnover of 2 billion yuan. In 2007, China's car rental market has experienced a very rapid development of car rental companies have sprung up all over, domestic car rental market by 2007 had more than 2000 a number of leasing companies, car rental market for rental car almost 150,000 vehicles, revenues exceed 10 billion yuan. Although its rate of development than Western beginning of the car rental industry to create much faster, but the car rental market in China is still in the initial stage, the vast majority of businesses are small. At the end of June 2008, and 13 car rental companies of central city in China has more than 800 companies operating vehicles only 45,000 vehicles, 80% of enterprises lack of 50 vehicles. China's car rental industry, both in terms of the trend of China's macro-economic and micro social foundation, has a very bright future. Around the year 2010, with the establishment of China's credit system, further improvement of the market economy, China's car rental car rental industry will have a greater and more rapid development. By 2015, China's car rental market demand for rental of vehicles to reach 300,000 to 500,000 units, revenues will reach 20 billion yuan.

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