Malicious relative reduction in the rental cars
Arouse public concern on integrity issues. Recently, the binzhou University "small ' honesty ' story" no vending stands show after newspaper reports of college students ' honesty. bincheng district reporter learned the car rental market, malicious car rental car rental market is much less than in previous years, public integrity increase.
Four reporters came to the Yellow River Road, a car rental company on 29th. the head of the company told reporters that in 2009, a customer he rented a Volkswagen Passat car leases for two days. Other then that ID cards and other documents you need to use, without any documents, only 1000 Yuan deposits and rents. But two days later, the customer does not pay to renew are not returned to the vehicle, a cell phone is never answered, not contact. Fear most is that in this case, relative to the price of more than 100,000 yuan, the deposit is simply a drop in the do not receive return-lost
Leasing industry low integrity reasons, because the car rental regulations a few years ago has not been perfect. fails to return, continued to pay rent, etc are not uncommon. Public Zhang Mr told reporter, originally is business car rental of, but because appeared had customer using fake ID car rental, and late not also of situation Hou, earned not to money instead lose money, only "closed" anyway also is integrity of problem, customer not told integrity only malicious car rental, occurred this things, General car is find not back of, even through police found, also find not to customer himself, car also not original of like has
With credit problems more attention in recent years, reporters discovered during interviews. the credibility of the public higher downtown car rental companies so far this year, but rarely malicious rental situation. Bincheng District said the head of several car rental companies, now when conducting credit checks on customers, generally require the provision of identity cards, driver's licenses or credit cards, as well as a copy of the deposit, or ownership and account.
Company increased car rental security deposit, malicious rental. credit approval procedures also improve some. People of good faith have also risen, so I was able to give him the car rental, both to protect the interests or convenience of the customer. Bohai road, said the head of a car rental company.

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