High cost of car maintenance follow-up, new favorite car rental
"Buy car easy raised car difficult" basically called has general people of mantra, reasons is simple, vehicles high of late costs became burden, except insurance, and Government forced tax and parking fee zhiwai, vehicles general maintenance became another a larger overhead, daily maintenance in the Basic is by accessories costs and work fee combination generated, for consumers work fee is a hard change of reality, and to can save expenditure in maintenance in the more of consumers is willing to will idea playing in spare parts aspects. 4S stores driven by profits in the consumption of material and accessories often dozens of times the cost price higher than the market price, and as automobile 4S is the most powerful weapon against consumers "off." By doing so, Harbin rental car industry is on the rise.
It is understood that due to the higher cost of oil is regular maintenance part of car maintenance would take so many car owners buy maintenance oil to store in the relevant sources, but would meet with 4S inform after you take a vehicle or engine parts off of, which also have different reasons.
Now purchase follow-up costs and red tape have deeply affected the purchasing power. Car rental becomes the Consumer reference.

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