Car four questions in two sessions
National automotive products launched as soon as possible, "three guarantees" provisions, unified all categories cars of key Assembly for a minimum duration of three bags, milestones and responsibilities. To ensure consumer protection, public safety and quality, reduce energy consumption, reduce the waste of resources, increase environmental protection efforts. Strengthening the implementation of laws and regulations, science optimization of vehicle industry planning, standardizing market order, breaking down regional protection barriers. Taking fully into line with international standards, avoiding double standards multinationals in China.
Further improvement and updating of the catalogue for the guidance of the industrial structure adjustment
"Heavy truck and bus driving system (including mechanical transmission, axle and other key parts)" continue in the encouraged category. In the "directory" 16th encouraged "the key auto parts" added to "hydraulic retarder" entries, and the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries (revised in 2011) the 19th of the 2nd section "hydraulic retarder" project equal, encourage and support domestic auto parts companies to speed up technical innovation and development of hydraulic retarder. AT, CVT automatic transmission into "list of" encouraging class scope.
In introducing high-level and highly skilled personnel at home and abroad, increasing support
National related ministries mutatis mutandis "thousand people plans" or place "hundred people plans" offers support policy, on national finds Enterprise Technology Center such of high grade, and high specifications of specifically development institutions developed specifically policy, support national backbone enterprise and the national large group speed up high-level, and high skills talent introduced work and technology innovation work, makes into this institutions and meet considerations standard of both at home and abroad high-level, and high skills application type talent full experience and enjoy to national or place give of work conditions, and life treatment, and large subsidies, and Preferential policies such as tax benefits, spouses placement.
Revise and improve the condition of high-tech enterprise
Appropriate to relax the conditions and expansion of high-tech enterprise and the scope of recommendations will be referred to the national key high-tech enterprise supported by high-tech areas, the current national key encouraged development of industry, product and technology catalog, as well as the revised catalogue of encouraged industries in the Western region, such as merge list of countries considered. Sort out the intellectual property will be the core of their own content specification. Further strengthening the measures for the recognition of the explanation and guidance in their implementation and supervision.

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