Increasing number rental home during Spring Festival
Difficult to buy train ticket
Carpool home
Liu Yuanyuan's home in baoquanling. Liu Yuanyuan telephone booking, but no book. So changed to online booking and to line up, the results did not buy a seat number. Liu Yuanyuan frown when colleagues alerted her, can go to search the Web and see if I have the right car can go home together. The idea of holding a try, Liu Yuanyuan to search on the Internet. Sure enough, a "Harbin baoquanling carpool" message caught her, Liu Yuanyuan immediately made contact with the owners. Owners set on the 19th at 8 o'clock, as Liu Yuanyuan, 19th, holiday, the two sides agreed after starting at 12. "I've finally landed the big stones, while this year failed to get the ticket, but don't worry. And departure time is free, can also be delivered directly to the door, without carrying bulky bags of luggage, is a good choice. Many people drew my attention to safety, in determining the car owners I have ever seen before, the owner's home in baoquanling, to drive home for the new year this year, has a lady can carpool together, the price is very reasonable. "Liu Yuanyuan said.
Owner Mr CHEUNG told reporters, his hometown in baoquanling in Harbin have been six or seven years. This year is their third release carpool home for the new year on the network information. "My car can take 4 people, with only one person in my car the year before last, last year there were three, two days just released information this year, convened on 4 people. Carpooling was chosen, first, think long, drive myself very bored, find a carpool can chat, and meet new friends. Second, in order to save on travel costs, if they drive home, gas plus toll, the pressure is a little big, if you carpool with people, costs little themselves. Third, because a lot of people for various reasons, did not buy a ticket, I went back, you must be very worried. If you can sit in my car to go home, have at least done something good. And many of my colleagues have chosen to find someone to carpool, there are more and more people to carpool, this seems to be a trend. "Mr Zhang said.
Car rental home
The Zhang home in Harbin Hegang, wants this year with my mother, my wife and 9-month-old son back to Hegang new year's day. Due to the high number, ticket is not easy, so Zhang chose to rent a car. "My baby was 9 months old now, with a baby on the train, buses are too inconvenient. Friends advised me to rent a home for the new year, saying that it is now more a way to fire. To the car rental company, only to find that car really a lot, and the procedure is not very complicated. I chose one to facilitate the interior space relatively large, so a family of four can comfortably home. "Zhang Hao said. It is understood that the rental home for the new year, more and more people of all ages. 10th, the journalists visited the city several car rental companies, found that many people choose to rent a home for the new year. Harbin road, auto lease company or book two-thirds car. Car rental company staff member told reporters that although car rental price a bit expensive, but every new year, there will still be a lot of people choose this way, and showing an upward trend in the number of car per year.
Home in the city of Mr Wang in Beijing, due to difficult to buy a train ticket, Wang Yang, take a plane, but the plane was not satisfactory. Mr Wang would like to book the 18th of this month from Beijing to Harbin air tickets are gone, so I can only book flew from Beijing to Shanghai, another flight via Shanghai to Harbin air tickets. "From Beijing to Harbin, and moved from Beijing to Shanghai to Harbin's ticket prices are the same, but if it's straight to Harbin, Beijing takes only 2 hours or so, needed nearly 3 hours to Shanghai and Beijing and Shanghai to Harbin take about 3 hours, I'm flying in the sky 7 hours a day, all of your time wasted. Such a bypass I am helpless. "Mr Wang says.
Interview reporters learned, through a train a day in some places, and more people, many people unable to buy direct tickets directly, the only option back in the middle.
Sukey's home in Fu Jin, only one train a day after. Each home, sukey will first travel to jiamusi, and then take the bus from jiamusi to Fujin. "One day on a train, usually tickets are more nervous, every year, tickets cannot be bought, can to jiamusi passenger cars. Because it is Spring Festival period, even if the bus is crowded, bad luck will not buy a ticket, so think back really hard. "
Home in Linkou, mulberry ladies failed to buy train tickets to Harbin to Linkou, must first get a ticket for Harbin to Mudanjiang, and then go by train or bus from Mudanjiang arrived in Linkou. "Ticket to Linkou is not very good, almost every year new year to change to Mudanjiang. Not only does this waste time, money, and carrying large bags of luggage reversing back and forth is also very convenient. But to facilitate the return to reunite with their families at home, is no tired to keep trying to go home for the new year. "Mulberry said.

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