car rental process:
Call 1, book a car, available models, time, description, with specific schedules, days; first book need to provide some personal information and so on.
2, two days before the time to work with our customer service staff, do a good job specific vehicles approached, business staff will help you with car rental procedures.
3, you first need to show documents, rent and security deposit required for car rental; the clerk will give you a "car rental registration form" or sign a rental contract with you, party a marked car or company name, contact information, and other related
Information, b is the company-related information, a and b both need to sign or seal. Contract stated when the information about the car rental and car hire, this contract is made out in two original copies, a and b both keep a journal, to
On the basis of rental cars must fill in before, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in future.
4, car rental companies have an obligation to provide safe, reliable, and has formal procedures for tourism, commercial vehicles, and to ensure that bus drivers can drive safely, such as in a car is a car rental company is responsible during car rental person or unit of personal and property losses, car rental companies have an obligation to pay compensation.