two cards one card
Customer provided himself the second generation ID card, driver's license, a certain amount of credit, fixed work, they can rent a car. Unlimited residence, zero rent security deposit, security, convenience, maximum convenience of the customers.
Credit card use
Why rent a car you need to use a credit card? Car rental is a high-risk industry, control risks is one of the company's core operations. Due to the credit card issuing institutions applicants on the basis of social status, economic strength, ability to purchase consumer, credit rating standards, credit the card user to the Bank review and dissemination of dynamic evaluation on the basis of, as a credit level of cardholder. In the constant improvement of social credit system today, by credit card or a credit card pre-authorization consumers one of the main means of payment.
Therefore, private car rental with credit card or credit card authorization form as a basis for evaluating customer credit degree one of the complemented by first car rental interview, interview and identification, verification of work, maximum for our car rental customers with convenient car rental service.
Personal car rental
1) age: 20 years old;
2) identification: Chinese second generation ID cards, international passport, exit permits, MTP (foreign residency);
3) license: driving license valid for more than six months of age China;
4) credit: enough credit domestic credit card (if there is insufficient my credit limit, allowing others to guarantee).
Enterprise car rental conditions
1) copy of business license (the registered capital should be at least 2 million yuan);
2) corporate code certificate;
3) this unit;
4) legal representative ID card original
* Issued by the agent when you transact business entrustment. And provide original copies of ID card, driver's license and pay the appropriate deposit.
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